Hello and Welcome!  

Thank you for visiting my website and for your interest in Distance Reiki!

I've practiced the beautiful healing art of Reiki since 1997.  Each Reiki session is a Shamanic Journey for my client and myself.  When I am channeling Reiki energy to others, I find that I am most in tune with my own deep intuition and empathy.  I experience a profound connection to my Ancestors and Power Animals as well.    

While giving Reiki to a friend a few years ago, I discovered Medicine Shawl Reiki.  As I channeled energy to her, I began layering shawls and scarfs across her as she rested on the table.  My friend expressed comfort and love from this experience.  After each session, I guided her to choose one or more of the shawls to keep, with the shawls always radiated healing energy for her.  I realized through this experience that my Ancestors had given me my signature technique.  

Thus....Medicine Shawl Reiki was born!  

My humble desire is to empower others to find healing and peace within themselves through the beautiful practice of Medicine Shawl Reiki.   

Thank you for considering me as your Distance Reiki Practitioner!  

Love and light, ~~Karen~~  


The practices of Distance Reiki and Medicine Shawl Reiki do not replace medical care as advised by your healthcare practitioner.  Reiki provides healing energy that allows your body to relax and is complimentary to your medical care.